Saturday, August 29, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadows

This is my favorite drugstore eye shadow line OF ALL TIME. They have an interesting texture that can best be described to be a little like wet sand, but they feel buttery smooth, not gritty, and dry to a powder finish.

They are very opaque and most of the line has a metallic shimmer, though there are a few that SEEM to be more matte (could be wrong about that because I haven't tried them yet). They are easy to blend and the staying power is great. I haven't had any trouble with smudging or any  creasing, although others HAVE reported that they have had trouble with creasing. I tend to apply my shadows over powder and/or foundation out of habit so it may depend on what you're layering them on top of (bare skin vs foundation, primer, etc).

I had some trouble getting the camera to pick up these shadows to my satisfaction. Each of these have a real depth of color that is just gorgeous. Eternal Sunshine (the gold one) unfortunately doesn't show up very well against my ghostly skin, especially in this photo, but it does look nice, albeit subtle, in person. I attribute that mainly to my paleness. Liquid Diamond (silver) has this intriguing lavender undertone that I adore. They can be blended out to be lighter but I have swatched them at the fullest opacity possible in the photos below, which again, they really don't do justice to. I did not use primer on these swatches because, frankly, they did not need it!

These finger-swatches are my personal favorite shades, I love vibrant colors. It may look like I really dug my finger in the pot to get a lot of product to show up but I honestly just rubbed my finger very lightly in the pot. That's why I like them so much! The purple doesn't show up in the photo anywhere nearly as lovely as it is. It's more shimmery and less dark than it appears here. It's kind of leaning towards black/brown in the photo but it really is a lot more shimmery and purple looking in person.

I definitely plan on getting more shades. In fact, while I was taking a break from putting this post together I went out with the husband and bought another while we were out. I wanted to get Perpetual Purple because I'm a sucker for purple but my limited budget convinced me to choose a more versatile shade.

I picked Iced Latte, it's a beautiful shimmery creamy/taupe/gold type color, it's hard to describe! It's a lovely and like I said, very versatile and can be used in many looks.

It does have a higher price point for being drugstore eye shadow single. They sell for around $8 a pot but there is a very generous amount of product and a little goes a LONG way. I can't see running out of them any time soon. To make them a bit more affordable try searching for a coupon and getting them when they're on sale at drugstores. I have seen them go on sale for B1G1 or B1G1-50%off.

So if you're on the fence about these I would definitely suggest giving them a shot, I love them!

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