Saturday, August 29, 2015

About Chelle

Hello, Everyone!

I have loved cosmetics as long as I can remember. I recall watching in awe as my mother expertly applied her lipstick before work and the thrill I had in receiving my very own first cosmetics set. It was one of those inexpensive kits developed for little girls. My memory is fuzzy but I seem to recall using it during those highly glamorous events featuring me dressing up with mom's clothes and heels. My little beauty set contained a sheer lip color, a blush, and even a perfume! I can still remember that smell, it was something soft and powdery and it made me feel happy.

More years than I'd like to admit have passed since then and now that I'm forever-29 I can honestly say that my love for cosmetics has passed the test of time and my ever-growing collection stands as proof.

To tell a little about myself...  As you can guess, my name is Chelle, Michelle actually, but I like Chelle for casual settings. I've been married to my wonderful husband for over 8 years and we have 3 mini-schnauzers whom I absolutely adore.

I've worked as a Reports Specialist for almost 10 years as well as attended college off and on to work on my [incredibly slow moving and spaced out] degree. Singing used to be a big focus in my life, so it was a natural choice to study Vocal Music in college. I grew up doing many vocal performances both in choirs and as a soloist. But as I have grown and changed over the years and learned how to better manage chronic pain, music has taken a back seat to life, location, and circumstance. It took a lot of adjusting and acceptance that things don't always go as you plan, but such is life!

Speaking of performance, I've always known that good makeup is a very important part of presenting yourself in the best way possible, particularly when up on a stage. I'm no expert in the cosmetics field, I have no formal training, and there are plenty of beauty brands and items out there that I haven't (yet) sampled. But I do know that a great application of makeup can truly change your image and give you that extra *something special* to really look polished and put together. That's a big part of why I love cosmetics so much. It has the power to change the outcome of your day. I think its sad that people judge a person by appearance but on the positive side makeup is really enjoyable for me. I like to think of it as taking life's lemons and making lemon-aid.

So despite my lack of training and the gaps that may be in my knowledge of beauty products, I have decided to start this beauty blog as an outlet for my creative interests. I honestly believe that people from all levels of expertise (or even a lack thereof) can help one another expand their knowledge, grow their skills, and widen the capacity for creativity. It is my hope that some of my posts not just be an creative outlet for myself but that they will be able to offer some valuable information for beauty addicts, newbies, and everyone in between.

Thanks for reading!


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