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Japanese Cosmetics, Past and Present

Have you ever discovered a new favorite band or tv show that you fall in love with and find yourself binge watching everything you can from them? Well lately I've been bingeing on episodes of "Begin Japanology", a documentary series I came across on YouTube. This is from the same series I posted about previously.

Since this episode was was all about makeup I just had to share it. It may be a nerdy thing but a good documentaries is my jam! I know most people think they're boring but I find them fascinating!

Women's Beauty Throughout History

I know a lot of people love to hate on buzzfeed (for a good reason) but this was just way too good to not post. I really am enjoying this series and hope they make more like these because they're fantastic!

Beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder!

I know this may be a little off topic but.... yeah it's Disney and history, I couldn't resist.

Love you guys!

Makeup Rules Meant to be Broken

One of my pet peeves is when "beauty experts" come up with a list of specific rules that you should "never" break in your beauty routine. Amusingly, I am guilty of breaking some of these rules, but I can honestly say that my (painfully honest) loved ones don't tell me that my makeup looks bad so I think I'm safe. 
So I've gathered some examples from a simple google image search of celebrities breaking beauty rules in all the right ways. 
Allow me to present my list of these fiercely hot rule breakers and why breaking the rules worked for them:  
Rule: Never pair a bold eye with a bold lip.

My take: No one can deny thatKaty Perry and Cara Delevingne are rocking it here.  Their confidence, a flattering lip color, and dresses with matching eye looks all come together to create a fantastically bold statement that proves rules can be broken. What makes a bold eye/lip combo work is a bit of a mystery to most but as you can see here, it can be done! My the…