Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Makeup Rules Meant to be Broken

One of my pet peeves is when "beauty experts" come up with a list of specific rules that you should "never" break in your beauty routine. Amusingly, I am guilty of breaking some of these rules, but I can honestly say that my (painfully honest) loved ones don't tell me that my makeup looks bad so I think I'm safe. 

So I've gathered some examples from a simple google image search of celebrities breaking beauty rules in all the right ways. 

Allow me to present my list of these fiercely hot rule breakers and why breaking the rules worked for them:  

Rule: Never pair a bold eye with a bold lip.

My take: No one can deny that Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne are rocking it here.  Their confidence, a flattering lip color, and dresses with matching eye looks all come together to create a fantastically bold statement that proves rules can be broken. What makes a bold eye/lip combo work is a bit of a mystery to most but as you can see here, it can be done! My theory is that it mainly works for dressy occasions and that outfit and color coordination is key. Not to mention that it may involve an element of trial and error!
Rule: People with hooded eyes should never wear shimmer or glitter eye shadow. It draws emphasis to the hood of the eye.

My take: This is probably the rule that bugs me the most. As a person with hooded eyes and a disturbing obsession with shimmer eye shadow, I tend to throw this rule right out the window. 

And one more thing - why exactly do I not want to draw emphasis to the hood of my eye? People with hooded eyes are beautiful! If you go overboard then yes, it can make you look more sleepy but if done right you wind up in "sultry" territory. I hope Jennifer Lawrence keeps breaking this rule. Hooded eye'd sisters unite!
Rule: If you line your upper lash line you have to line your lower lash line.

My take: This one was actually sort of new to me! I know many people think you have to line your whole eye. These are usually the types of people who take an all or nothing approach to black eyeliner starting in middle school. But recently I found out that some people actually think that the lower liner was just forgotten about!  

Liner on the lower lash line seems too harsh for my pale complexion so I for years I have skipped it. I guess some people think I'm super forgetful in the morning! None the less, I will continue to skip the lower liner because I am happy with the look, and that's ultimately what matters!

Rule: Never use blue eye shadow, you will look like a clown.

Doesn't look like Taylor is clowning around here. The key is to keep the blue shadow from getting out of control. 

A good stopping place is either in or very slightly above the crease. Lots of blending around the edges with a medium to light gray or brown will create a soft look that anyone can wear. Put a nude color on the brow bone, blend the colors where they meet and you're set. 

If that still seems out of your comfort zone you can always go for a colored liner paired with a basic nude shadow look. Anyone can wear bright colors!

Rule: Don't contour with blush, it just looks weird.

Another rule proven to be incorrect. When done right blush can add contour and definition to the face. The key is to keep it minimal and pick the right shade. Go with something that pairs well with your skin tone, as if you had a really natural flush.

Rule: Bushy brows look unkempt. Go for a neatly plucked arch.

My take: These beauties prove that not every brow needs to be heavily plucked in to submission. Sometimes chaos is beautiful!

 Rule: Never overdraw your lips. Overdrawn lips will make you look like a clown.

My take: I realize overdrawn lips are actually pretty trendy right now but I wanted to mention this anyway because I have heard this rule repeated many times over the years (until the recent trend). 

Sometimes rules just don't apply! Overdrawn lips looked fantastic on a classic beauty like Ms. Hepburn. The reason it worked for her is that it isn't over-done. If you go too far out of your lip line it CAN look clown-y but when done right it makes your lips look beautifully full. This is clearly a rule that can be broken.

The takeaway here is to know YOUR face and what looks good on YOU. If you're not sure if something is flattering find an honest friend or family member to help you decide. Don't take it personally if they say it looks bad - they might not want to hurt your feelings next time you ask! But inevitably you should do what YOU are comfortable with.

Remember, makeup should be about fun, not rules! Don't over-think it. It lasts for a day, tops, and washes right off. Unless you're a celebrity, no one is likely to remember your makeup a month from now so have fun with it!

What makeup rule do you break? Let me know in the comments!

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