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The Beauty Guru Life: Popping the "Perfect" Illusion

Recently I was reading a Q and A session on reddit with youtube beauty guru, Sssamanthaa. One of the questions was how she managed to stay so grounded. Her answer: She didn't. She mentioned that she regularly relied on a loved one for a shoulder to cry on and talked to a therapist to cope.

I really appreciated her honesty and wanted to take a minute to talk about this subject a little more. Many of us struggle to stay grounded and cope with daily life at times - and it's completely normal. But it can be even harder when it feels like everyone else has it all together and we don't.

I know I'm not the only one who goes through this occasionally when browsing through photos posted by beauty gurus:
"Why can'tI be impeccably gorgeous and have perfect winged liner? *scrolls further down the page*

"Why can't I be the one with the perfect bikini body glancing nonchalantly at a gorgeous ocean sunset..." *scrolls faster*

"I wish I had perfect outfits, s…

Makeup Recreations from the Past - Historically Accurate & Fantastic

Hello everyone! I came across this series on youtube not long ago and I had to share it. In the series a youtuber by the name of Zabrina recreates makeup and hair styles from various periods of time.

What sets her videos apart from many others out there is the time she takes to research everything. She strives to create looks that are authentic to the time from which they became popular. A lot of people who have done recreations of historical styles like this usually wind up modifying the look to fit in better with modern beauty ideals. There's nothing wrong with that, of course, but it's nice to see something more historically accurate too.

Her looks always come out beautiful and as an added bonus we get to learn a bit about the history of cosmetics along the way.

Seriously, the makeup and history loving nerd in me flips over this stuff, it's fantastic.

Feeling the Love - Too Faced Love Flush Blush Palette [Swatches!]

So I picked up the Too Faced "Love Flush" blush palette just in time for Valentines day and I'm seriously feeling the love! Too Faced blushes are beloved by many in the beauty community, and for a good reason. They are long lasting, pigmented, and easy to blend.
Blush is one of the few areas of makeup that I have never been super adventurous in. I almost always select colors that fall in the pinkey-rose or pinkey-coral family. But when I started seeing previews of this super cute palette I thought it would be a fantastic opportunity to try a few shades that I wouldn't normally choose.
The great thing about this palette is that even though it has colors I wouldn't normally reach for, I still feel that the colors in this palette are not too far out of my comfort zone. 
The only complaint I have with this palette is that its so long - around a foot in length. If they had stacked the pans in 2 rows of 3 pans it would have made this a much more travel friendly pale…


Welcome to the new year everyone! Yes, this is coming late but I still wanted to take a minute to speak on a personal level and really reflect on 2015. Sometimes its hard to believe how fast time flies by and it can be insane to see how much life can change over the years.

This has felt like a very busy year for me, especially through fall and the holiday season. When I think about everything that happened in my life it would be easy to think that I didn't have such a great year. Like so many others out there I have battled with anxiety, depression, and various other health issues over the years. I cope with fibromyalgia and chronic back pain on a daily basis. Not to mention the stress of working in disaster recovery. Then in November I was heart broken when I lost my 11 year old schnauzer, Honey, to heart disease.

I could easily choose to give up and let my problems consume me, hide under the blankets and refuse to get out of bed. And sometimes I do for a little while! But it nev…