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The Mythbusters of Beauty

One of my favorite nerdy activities is to spend hours soaking up "edutainment" - a combo of the words "education" and "entertainment". If this brings to mind shows like Mythbusters or Bill Nye the Science Guy then you know what I mean. When you watch them you're learning, but you're not being put to sleep in the process!

I recently found a beauty related "edutainment" channel, msbeautyphile, that I wanted to share. In her videos she takes a closer look at the science behind the world of cosmetics and skincare and explains how they are made and how they work.

I wish there were more channels out there like hers! Knowing more about what goes in to the products we use empowers us to make choices that are best suited to the individual.

Plus she blows stuff up sometimes and who doesn't love that?

ColourPop Factory Video - Oddly Satisfying!

I love videos like this and I just had to share. Watching a cosmetics production line is oddly satisfying and relaxing. Something about watching a perfectly formed product being created from messy ingredients makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

ColourPop began as an "indie" company but have been growing in popularity in the last few years. I hesitate to call them "indie" still today but ColourPop is one of my favorite semi-indie cosmetics companies. Fantastic products, fantastic prices. I have a bunch of their lip products and shadows and they are winners. Definitely a brand worth checking out if you haven't already!