Saturday, August 29, 2015

How To: Adventures in Depoting Eyeshadows

I like to keep my things super organized (well, whenever I have the time and energy to get around to it!) so I decided that it would be a good idea to depot some of my smaller eye shadow sets and singles. They were taking up a lot of extra space and making my makeup collection more cluttered than it had to be. A lot of this was old stuff I wasn’t using because I couldn't even remember what I had in all those small containers so I figured depotting them and putting them in one container would be my best bet. Here are all the empties!


There are multiple methods of depotting pressed powder eye shadows. Here is the method I started with:
  • Heat oven to 300F, cover oven-safe pan with foil to protect it from messes (just in case).
  • Place eye shadow container on foil covered pan for 5 minutes to melt the glue. (Time needed can vary.)
  • Then carefully remove them by inserting a thin knife or needle in between the plastic container and the metal pan that actually holds the eye shadow and gently lift it up and pull the pan out. Alternatively you can guide dental floss between the plastic and the metal pan to separate them. I used the needle to guide the floss as needed
Don’t worry, putting your shadows in the oven will not mess them up or change the color or texture!

This worked ok but I did accidentally jab the needle in a couple of shadows, luckily it didn’t mess them up too badly. You do need to be pretty careful though. The method I found to be the easiest was to use dental floss wherever I could.

The dental floss method is basically done by guiding the floss under the edge of the pan and it essentially “cuts” the glue loose and lets you pop the pan right out. Sometimes it can be done without even heating the makeup but sometimes the glue is stubborn and does require heat.

Another thing to note is that some eye shadow pans are NOT magnetic. They will not stay in place with this project. Big bummer. But you could hot glue them in place if you wanted.

I popped them in a DIY magnetic case made from a hard case wallet with a magnetic sheet hot glued to one side. I think if I had to do it again I would just order a Z-palette online because the magnet isn't super strong. But if cost is a concern and you already have some of the materials required this is definitely a viable project! You have much more room for customization, choose any case that you love!



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