Lisa Eldridge's new book, Face Paint - First impressions

I recently received my copy of Lisa Eldridge's new book, Face Paint, and have really been enjoying it so far! Notably, it is not a "how to" book as you may expect. Instead, she has created a collection of information surrounding the use of cosmetics from culture to culture spanning all the way from the ancient world up to the present.

In her book she tells us about how makeup was created in historical times, and that it was often derived from toxic ingredients. She discusses how the standard of beauty has changed over time, and covers times when makeup was used widely as well as times when it was taboo.

So far I've noted that it's filled with a ton of beautiful photos and has some really fascinating information about the past. This book combines three of my great loves in life - makeup, history, and beautiful imagery, so naturally I am stoked to finally have it!

I wanted to share this video Lisa made because I think it gives a good taste of some of what you will find in the book. If you love makeup or history and enjoy this video then I recommend checking out her book. You can get it here at Amazon.

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